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>> an interfaith prayer vigil wrapped up in newtown, connecticut just over an hour ago. that's the location where 20 children and 6 adults were killed in an elementary school shooting. more than 2000 people packed the high school to hear president obama offer words of comfort and condolences on behalf of the entire country. tory dunnan is live in newtown, connecticut. prayers >> the lord is my shepard. i shall not want >>reporter: and 26 candles.for the 26 lives lost. in newtown,
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connecticut sunday night, more than two thousand people gathered to grieve and to mourn. after meeting with the families of those gunned down inside sandy hook elementary school, president obama tried to offer comfort in the aftermath of an unthinkable ahoy crime. >> oi am very mindful that mere words cannot match the depths of your sorrow or can heal your wounded hearts, i can only hope it helps that you know you are not alone in your grief >>reporter: outside the high school and around newtown, there are memorials. candles, teddy bears and momentos left by people who traveled many >> to let everyone know our hearts are with them, we're thinking of them. >>reporter: twenty children, 12 girls and 8 boys, all six and seven years old.were killed inside the school, along with six adult women.authorities say 20- year-old adam lanza blasted his way into the building with a high-powered rifle and fired hundreds of bullets in a rampage that claimed the lives of students, teachers and the principal. he then killed himself. lanza's mother nancy was found dead in their home.. investigators continue to comb both crime scenes for answers. >> we are using every
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single resource and our goal is to paint a complete picture. so that we all know and so the public knows exactly what happened. but this small new england town will never be the same. connecticut's governor shared more detailed information about what he learned from investigators on how the gunman entered the school on friday. and what they believe led up to the gunman's final moments. hama >> "he shot his way into the school. the school was locked. he used a weapon to walked in. stephanopoulos: 'he blasted right through it?' with several rounds.a number of rounds. he discharged to make an opening and then went through it. went to the first classroom, as you know, went to the second classroom. we surmise that it was during the second classroom episode that he heard responders coming and apparently at that decided to take his own life." >>reporter: officials say adam lanza killed himself with a single bullet to the
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head, and the bullet was recovered in a classroom wall. authorities say they found multiple 30-round magazines and hundreds of bullets at the school. that suggests that the gunman was planning an even more gruesome massacre, but was stopped short. officials say before heading to the school, lanza fatally shot his mother, nancy, four times in the head at their home. the official says nancy lanza was found in her bed, wearing pajamas. it's not clear what time she was killed. the massacre at sandy hood elementary has brought the hot topic of gun control back into the crosshairs of politicians. today two u-s senators- joe liberman an independent from connecticut and dick durbin, an democrat from illinois are calling for a national commission to examine mass shootings in the united states. and kron4's maureen kelly reports that california's senior senator is once again leading the charge on a ban on assault weapons. >>reporter: this assault rifle is similar to one of several firearms the 20 year old gunman was packing during his attack on the school.he also carried mulitple 30 round magazines
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and hundreds of bullets.on the sunday morning talk show meet the press senator dianne feinstein said on the first day of congress' next session.she'll be introducing new legislation to get what she called weapons of war off the streets. >> . it will ban the sale, the transfer, the importation and the possession not retroactively but persepctively and it will ban the same for big clips, drums or strips of more than 10 bullets. >>reporter: this is not the first time the senator has taken aim at assault weapons. in 1993 a gunman used a pair of tec 9 handguns whenirm in a high rise building at 101 california street in san francisco. killing eight people and wounding six others. before killing himself. that deadly act prompted the then freshman senator to author an assault weapons ban that many said would never pass. >> it can be done >>reporter: the assault weaons ban passed in 1994.but expired in 2004.
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political consultant michael yaki told the kron4 morning news that attempts at passing new gun control laws have fizzled in the face of tough opposion from the national rifle association. >> it always comes up and nothing ever happens not since 1994 when the assault weapons ban passed and the nra made a decision then and there, no new gun control legislation will ever pass the congress, they spent a ton of money in that election knocked out a whole bunch of democrats , the republicans took the house and that has been the status quo but as the nation mourns the staggering loss of so many innocent victims.dianne feinstein says she's preparbelieves we are ready for a change. >> is this the way we want america to go in other words the rights of the few overcome the safety of the majority i don't think so i think america is ready ready or not.the battle to
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ban weapons like this bound to be a tough one. >>reporter: maureen kelly kron4 news. >> the repercussions of the school massacre are being felt here in the bay area. schools safety - something many took for granted -is now being questioned. here is how some districts are addressing the fears of parents and students. from berkeley unified.while tragedies are very rare, when they do happen, our concern for the victims may bring worries about our own children and their day to day safety. we want you to know that all berkeley schools have safety plans and we run through drills frequently. and this from san francisco unified schools. in the wake of such a national tragedy, we redouble our efforts to work together to ensure that our students, families and school staff remain safe. the city and district are
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working closely together to immediately respond to schools and provide support needed in the event of any school crisis. kron 4's reggie kumar tells us some parents are thinking about home schooling their children, in light of the newtown, connecticut school massacre. >> some parents couldn't stop thinking about the newtown connecticut school shooting sunday afternoon, during san francscisco's annual holiday snow event at civic center plaza. many have mixed feelings about the current security measures in place at all schools. and some were debating whether to send their child to class on monday. deanna watkins has four kids, two of them are eight and ten years old. she was moved to tears thinking about the school massacre. >> yes, it is sad, it is
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really sad i would rather that my child be safe. i know that my child will become a safe and when it is an average playground when someone could come in and and disturb. >> i feel like we are sending a our children to prison. there is no way to exit out the windows, were the doors. the children are not safe, not in america because of the mental issues beat that we're dealing with. >> i do not think that we are as horrible as it is, if those horrible atrocities stand out. if it was something that was happening every day nobody would send their children to school. >> reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> in the wake of the deadly school shootings thousands here in the bay
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area attended church today in order to pray for those involved in the tragedy. kron 4's mike pelton shows us how some are coping. >> with few words and lots of silent prayer manyfold the st. mary's cathedral with silent sorrow. >> it is so difficult. it is tough. >> many turn to prayer and reflection as they focused on faith. >> i do not know where you would go. >> it is a continued terrible situation, it is a fight against good and evil. >> many going to want to see here. >> there is no way to understand the grief of this tragedy >> inside this memorial, with a prayer, a tragedy and a vigil. >> we are listening to the lord's prayer into that way and let it speak to us. the
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lord's message. >> many are looking to find healing for themselves and for the families that are forever changed. >> except myself in prayer and we will find understanding. if cahoso feeble, and rejoice but it is difficult to do. and mike pelton, kron 4 news. >> we'll be back with more on the connecticut school shooting and bay area weather.after this. oh, you have a keurig vue brewer? oh, it's great!
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>> the weather is wet tonight. taking a look at stormtracker 4. we see the precipitation
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and coming up next we'll take a closer look. there is a weather system that is coming to the north and to the se-- south the heaviest rain a, will be 6:00 p.m., 7:00 a.m. but improvement with partial clearing. 6:00 a.m.-with heavy rainfall possible. >> new details about theat the investigation into the connectcut school gunman's past. more details on adam lanza new details are emerging people who knew adam and his family are stepping forward and talking about the boy they called quiet and
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withdrawn. brian todd has the very latest. >>reporter: his motive for this unspeakable act is still not clear, law enforcement officials say. and in digging for details about shooter adam lanza and his family-- accounts emerge that are still confusing, sometimes conflicting. a neighbor who knew him in recent years describes lanza as troubled. but listen to this account from a young man who knew him. >> he was just a kid. >> just a kid. >> just a kid. >> never anti-social? >> no- i mean just kinda - no. >> troublemaker? >> no not- definitely not. >> noticeable- did he just kind of blend into the background? >> yeah. nothing that would warrant any of this. >>reporter: ryan kraft says he baby-sat adam lanza about 10-years ago-- when lanza was ten, and kraft was 15. he describes lanza as focused, quiet, introverted. he never saw evidence of violence, kraft says. but says lanza did throw the occasional temper tantrum. >> it was general stuff like you know i'd have to put him to bed and he wouldn't like that or we had to stop watching tv and he wouldn't like that. you know, normal stuff that a
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kid would do- but i guess at ten years old most kids get out of that phase, and that wasn't the case for adam. >>reporter: kraft was only a year older than adam lanza's older brother, ryan. he says their mother told him to let ryan do whatever he wanted. but as for adam: >> what i really remember clearly is that nancy always asked me to always be with him in the room, no matter what- like 'don't go to the bathroom, don't ever leave him without supervision.' >>reporter: kraft says adam had a contentious relationship with his mother, nancy. she'd split from the boys' father, peter lanza-- who's described by the job-networking website 'linked-in' as tax director and vice president at g-e energy financial services. but kraft says nancy lanza was an engaged mother- always setting up play-dates for her two sons and taking part in neighborhood activities. neighbors and friends say nancy lanza enjoyed gardening and had taken time off from a job in finance. >> she was like a normal, anybody else in this neighborhood. you know decorate the house, the house was always, you know, pristine. i mean she was just like any other housewife.
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>>reporter: but like her son, there are gaps in nancy lanza's story that still need to be filled in. she owned the weapons adam lanza used in the killings, including a semi-automatic rifle-- according to a law enforcement source. and it's not clear why she purchased them. brian todd, cnn, washington >> the shooting hit close to home for a victim of the colorado movie theater massacre. stephen barton lives about ten minutes from newtown and the recent school tragedy has brought back painful memories. >> "i just struggle to sometimes, you know, just feel safe publicly at the movies and now i guess at school. i don't know, it's- it's a slow process of healing that you have to go through and it's continuous at least for me personally it's going to last for a long time." >> barton stopped in aurora last july while on a cross- country bicycling tour. he was shot in the face and neck when accused shooter james holmes opened fire during a midnight screening of "the dark knight rises."
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12 people died in that shooting. barton is part of a campaign that's urging lawmakers to stop gun violence. the aurora, oregon mall and connecticut school shootings have people all around the country talking about gun control. there are still those out there who support their second amendment right. for more on how some gun enthusiasts are dealing with the recent shootings we the rush started soon after the clackamas mall shooting, but the massive lines formed just hours after friday's school massacre in connecticut. >> "yesterday was the biggest day we've ever done in 20 years. today will probably eclipse that." >>reporter: local gun stores are so busy, state background checks that usually take 15 minutes. now have customers waiting four hours. even so, gun buyers like brett eyman are more than willing to wait. he's buying a semi-automatic rifle because he believes his right to buy one may soon be going away. >> "i believe it's going to be coming to an end in the next year."
8:19 pm
>> "the guns we're seeing in our communities have nothing to do with hunting, they have to do with killing people and we have to get real about that." >>reporter: state senator ginny burdick is a long-time control advocate and believes more needs to be done to keep guns out of the hands of children and criminals. she's also introduced a new bill limiting gun magazines to ten bullets. >> "if you limit the size of magazines, you limit the number of shots that someone can get off rapidly before changing clips." >>reporter: president clinton passed a similar federal law in 19-94, but it expired ten years later. the shootings this week in clackamas and connecticut have people on both sides of the gun control debate fired up. >> "everybody's got a fear now that owning any weapon of any sort is gonna be more difficult to acquire." >> "i think you're going to see people, including gun owners, get engaged to end this madness." >>reporter: in the meantime, it appears guns and ammo of all kinds will be flying off the shelves.
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>> is cool and damp. light drizzle. we do have a few showers to adopting the maps. the reagan is expected to increase. there is another storm system coming in for this evening and a wet commute for tomorrow. you can see the holiday lights. the-morning commute is expected to be a good more wet with the rainfall increasing with the showers--dotting the maps. by midnight, that band of rainfall is spreading se-- south with a wet commute. things are improving by 9:00
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a.m.-10:00 a.m. with showers wind down. partial clearing. much colder air on tuesday, wednesday. colder on tuesday, gusting winds and the possibility for showers. the satellite and the storm system coming our way the bulk of the rainfall will be to the north of the bay area. we will catch a little bit of this perhaps one- quarter of one half inch. but a lot of cold air over the pacific. that will press into northern california. chilly wednesday morning, and tuesday morning. 11:00 p.m. tonight that rainfall will increase. the green for the morning. note, the green will dissipate for later morning with a spotty showers possible. improvements for tomorrow evening and clearing. there could be spotty showers on tuesday.
8:24 pm
perhaps even the thunderstorms and even small levels at 2,000 ft.. there could be a light dusting of the higher elevations in the bay area. temperatures not quite that cold because of the clouds. with tomorrow reaching the 50s in most areas. and taking a look at the your kron 4 7 day around the bay sunshine, clouds, windy in a few showers. the best chance will be all along the coast with only 40's and 50's. look at the morning temperatures. 20's inland! and wet weather coming for the late week on thursday, friday, saturday, several inches of rain fall possible.
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>> in this time of tragedy. bay area families are taking the time to appreciate moments spent with their loved ones. kron four's philippe djegal talks to parents touched by the tragedy. grateful for these precious holiday moments with their kids. >> two days after the horror at sandy hook. on the other side of the country. parents here in the bay area. holding their kids a little tighter. spending the day at union square in san francisco. while keeping the community of newtown conneticut in their minds. >> we got out to destroy ourselves. it is really
8:28 pm
hard we want to do--district ourselves distract. it was encouraging to see the resilience of the victims' families >>reporter: brian chavaria stops to listen on the corner of the street. clinging to his 5-year-old son. his seven year old daughter also close by. make every single moment count. remember that. >>reporter: shopping and ice skateing in the square. enjoying the best the city has to offer. with a greater appreciation for life. christopher heppner not taking days like these with his wife and children for granted. >> being a parent is a new sense of respect and perspective on how innocent children to our. >> our heart will go out to them a specially for christmas time it is important to spend time with family and for early enjoy each other in cherished moments. >>reporter: in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> coming up after the
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>> we have continuing coverage on the elementary school massacre. that has left 28 dead. including 20 children. in newtown connecticut yesterday police say 20-year-old adam lanza forced his way into an elementary school. killing 20 children and six adults who worked at the school. all mainly in two classrooms. when first responders started to arrive he shot himself. police found the shooter's mother dead at the home she shared with her son. there were multiple guns at the scene of the shooting. all registered to the mother. police say each victim was shot more than once. police are still working on a motive behind the massacre. but say the gunman did at one point did attend the elementary school. president obama offered condolences and words of comfort sunday night to the people of newtown, connecticut during a moving memorial service. president obama also read
8:32 pm
aloud the names of those killed inside sandy hook >> we know the there were teachers the. did it themselves inside of classrooms and reassure their students by it saying wait for the good guys. they are coming. show me your smile. and there were the scenes at the school of the children helping one another. holding each other. beautifully following instructions how they sometimes do. one child even encouraging a grown up by saying i know crotty. so it is okay = = by no==karate... i know...karate...said by
8:33 pm
one child... that he would lead the way out of the classroom elementary school including the 20 students, all just six and seven years old. the president added he would use the power of the presidency to make changes to prevent more tragedies like what happened on tonight's poignant vigil at newtown high school there was a moving standing ovation for first responders as they entered the auditorium. many of them had the grisly task of tending to friday's violent crime scene inside sandy hook elementary school. plenty of hugs for police, firefighters and medics who were there to remember the victims. >> many people in the close- knit connecticut community rocked by tragedy searched for spiritual counseling and guidance on sunday. clergy members were challenged to make sense of the unspeakable violence with so many still in disbelief. kate bolduan reports. >>reporter: another very difficult day here in newtown as churches were packed with so many people still searching for answers as well as comfort. none of
8:34 pm
the local churches or synagogues allowed cameras inside though we were invited to sit in on a service at trinity episcopal church. a very tearful service. the pastor there was one of the first on the scene friday morning and she waited there with the parents as they learned the news of their children. and one of the young victims benjamin wheeler was a member of her congregation. the message she offered her congregation was one of hope and finding light within the darkness. as the pastor said that's the message of advent that christians around the world observed by lighting a candle each week leading up to christmas. we even met some folks who came in from out of town to attend the service simply to show their support. >> "tracy asked me on the way here she said 'why does god let this happen?' so how to explain that to my children, so sort of looking towards others to find a way to make the words right and not make it scary, not make it upsetting and to
8:35 pm
make it feel safe for them to still be children." >>reporter: >>reporter: while the pastor acknowledged so many are asking that very same question, her answer? she says god was there with the victims, is with the victims and will be with the victims always. as the service neared its close the pastor offered a prayer for all the families of that have been impacted by this tragedy and named the victims one by one. kate bolduan, newtown connecticut. >> two days after the connecticut school shooting. police in swat gear were back on the streets in newtown following a bomb threat at st. rose of lima church today. authorities searched the church and nearby buildings -- and did not find anything suspicious. eight of the young victims in the shooting attended st. rose of lima church. as well as the shooter, adam lanza and his mother >> president barack obama is facing strong criticism over his actions as president on gun control in
8:36 pm
the wake of the deadly connecticut elementary school shooting many people are wondering if tragedies like these can be prevented. we go now to story. return to index of stories... just hours after the breon ra--reporter brianna... >>reporter: connecticut shooting, a promise from president obama to tackle gun violence: >> we're going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics. >>reporter: but what exactly does he mean by "meaningful action?" critics of the president's record on the issue are pressing for specific proposals. new york mayor michael bloomberg said "calling for 'meaningful action' is not enough. we need immediate action. we have heard all the rhetoric before. what we have not seen is leadership - not from the white house and not from congress." gun violence has not been a priority for the obama administration. as he ran for president in 2008, obama supported reinstating a ban on assault weapons. >> don't tell me we can't uphold the second amendment while keeping ak-47s out of the hands of criminals. >>reporter: once elected, he did not make good on his
8:37 pm
campaign pledge. after his first year in office, the brady campaign to prevent gun violence gave the president across the board f's on its report card. >> the senate will come to order. >>reporter: a major obstacle for the president: congress, where even in the democratic-controlled senate, there has been little appetite to touch the controversial issue. multiple gun control bills have been introduced. not a single one has made it to the floor for a vote. those involved in the debate over guns say the president has a number of options: reinstating some form of the assault weapons ban that expired in 1994. banning high count magazines. or improving the reporting of people with mental health issues to make sure they are disqualified from purchasing firearms. polls show americans have become accustomed to daily reports of gun deaths. friday morning, a shooter killed a memphis police officer who was a mother of four. friday night, a man shot and killed a woman working at a las vegas hotel, before killing himself. early saturday morning in birmingham, alabama, police killed a gunman inside a hospital where three people were hurt. but new york congresswoman carolyn mccarthy, whose husband died and son was injured when a shooter opened fire on a long island train in 1993, says the connecticut shooting may be what forces president obama and congress to finally address the problem. >> let's face it, we need to have the president as the
8:38 pm
bully pulpit on trying to get something done. this time what i saw was different, that politicians that usually don't talk about it were talking about it. so there is a difference this time around. there is a difference, maybe the pendulum is turning and the country is ready to get serious about this issue. >>reporter: white house spokesman jay carney said friday it's the time to express sympathy for victims' families, not the time to engage in a policy debate. but i spoke with congresswoman mccarthy and she said she called up the white house and said "what are you talking about? this is something that we should have been discussing for years." >>reporter: brianna keilar, cnn, the white house.
8:39 pm
>> another storm system for tonight it is going to bring periods of light/moderate rainfall. the stormtracker 4 picking up some light showers and drizzle. the santa cruz mountains and notice that light green on the mountains. and showers in at the route a san francisco in the east bay. walnut creek, 680. highway no. 4 in and also some scattered light showers on the main system mainly after midnight. when it is done the tonight look for one quarter of one engine locations near the bay. higher amounts at the other locations with one-quarter of one-inch locations to the bay. this live look cut the
8:40 pm
golden gate. a bit more east. that-the golden gate a bit mauric mauricetuesday, some blustery and cool temperatures. still, some showers and really cold weather the big story. more on that, coming up. >> bart authorities are warning robberies are on the rise nationwide. including this one in oakland which was caught on camera. and the royal baby watch continues. first public appearance since leaving a london hospital earlier this month. that story, coming up next!
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>> off
8:43 pm
>>authorities have identified john fanene as the california highway patrol officer who was killed in an off duty motorcylce accident near fairfield on saturday. authorities say that fanene was traveling on his motorcylce along highway twelve when a pickup truck turned in front of him. the impact threw fanene off his motorcycle and into oncomming traffic. where he police in oakland arrested trevel thomas for snatching a cellphone from an unsuspecting bart rider at the 12th street oakland city center bart station last tuesday. bart police arrested thomas at the powell street bart station shortly after the incident. you are looking at video taken from three security cameras that caught thomas in the act. according to bart police thomas confessed to the crime and was booked at the glen dyer jail in oakland and charged with robbery. bart police released the videos of the cellphone snatching online to remind riders to always be aware of their surroundings. bart also encourages its riders to hold their belongings close to their bodies and to make eye contact with those nearby. >> egyptian rights groups want a do-over.
8:44 pm
they're calling for a repeat vote over the new constitution. claiming the votes were marred by widespread violations. the groups say votes were not monitored properly and some women were prevented from voting. a second round of voting is >> and in other world news. the pregnant duchess of cambridge has made her first public appearance since going to the hospital for morning sickness. the former kate middleton looked healthy and strong as she presented awards for the b-b-c sports personality of the year, that was broadcast throughout britain. palace officials say the coming up later in this broadcast. with another busy day around the nfl we'll take a look at how the raiders faired and. we'll bring you an update on how the 49ers are doing in their match-up against the patriots. all that and more coming up after the break. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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i would definitely say this is a fruitful business. >> rainy clouds cleared up enough to hold a snow day for kids at the san francisco civic center. some parents enjoying the fact that they didn't have to drive far to have the white christmas experience. i'm here with brian at the weather center. brian. rain clouds still rolling in?
8:47 pm
>> yes there is a storm coming in tonight with light and moderate rain but it could impact the morning commute. some light showers but basically that is the theme for tonight. damp and cold. and here is a live look at stormtracker 4 with some showers. this live look at the bay bridge. a little bit wet. notice the flag a bit breezy. as this system approaches from the north. especially after midnight in the north bay. look for the rain fall-and the wind to pick up. the heaviest precipitation could be for the morning commute. as we look for tomorrow afternoon, clearing skies. this
8:48 pm
should be interesting, with clouds/sunshine mixture on tuesday with 30 m.p.h. and some chance of showers. perhaps even thunderstorms and colder temperatures. 40's/50s. snowfall for the sierras tomorrow with a strong wind. there could be 1 ft. of snowfall. here is futurecast. 11:00 p.m., the rainfall is increasing in coming in from the north. it is spread towards the 680 but it is starting to taper off. showers could be degreasing and there could be some isolated brief showers and decreasing- showers. with a mixture of monday night/tuesday this system is possibly producing showers. even thunderstorms
8:49 pm
possible. tomorrow, the morning temperatures will not be quite as cold because of that cloud coverage. mid- 40s. 40's/fifties on the bay. 50s for some areas and even the 60s in the south bay. an interesting week with cold weather tuesday, wednesday. but look at wednesday morning, inland. 20's. >> hello everyone.huge night for the 49ers.sure they clinched a playoff spot - but even more than that - they sent a clear message that they are the team to beat in the nfl the raiders riding a 6 game losing streak heading into their home finale today versus the chiefs.and
8:50 pm
51,446 die hards at the coliseum saw a pretty ugly game - unless you love defense >> 38-31. in the fourth quarter. the outcome of that game is much more important. seattle, buffalo. the seahawks wilson had quite a day. raiders chiefs 51,446 announced at the coliseum saw a defensive battleno touchdowns for either team raiders defense dominated one of the worst offenses in the leaguephillip wheeler one of four sacks for take a look at the raiders only offense - sebastian raiders d held the chiefs to 10 yards rushing and 119 chiefs failed to even get a raiders win 15-0 snaps their 6 game skid are now 4-10 with two winnable games left against carolina and san diego take a look of the raiders. this losing streak. the
8:51 pm
chiefs, die-hards at the coliseum it was pretty ugly unless you like defense. readers with the sack raiders -- and jankowski oakland 9-nothing at this juncture. 119 yds. and 15-0 = final score. they are now 4-10. two games they're able to win against carolina and a san diego finally, this man on fire.. if you remember he had surgery on an pcl.a c l. now, his possible
8:52 pm
record breaking of eric dickerson of the most amazing record. finally, corinthians the new king of scoreless however, desperation for chelsea but wait! no goal jubilation for the brazil 1/0.. we will be back. with highlight. coming up. >> kron 4 news will be right to the victims of the connecticut school shooting.
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>> now we are taking a moment to focus on the victims .... (music) >> just a tragic, tragic situation. the teachers, the
8:56 pm
principles, and those angels. that is all i can keep thinking about, those angels. (piano music) >> when things happen to your children i cannot look at my children's faces without seeing the children's faces of all the others.
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